Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Habe~nero Anyone? Urban Fly Fishing

I had a chance to fish with Colby and when the text message came over the phone "Carp?", I was all over it. Colby has some sick skills as both a fly tyer and photographer. His work on the camera has been of envy and he has offered some insights as to how I can better myself behind the lens. It is always a pleasure fishing and shooting with guys that push me to improve. Colby shared a local spot and it was fun to see large city Carp not far from home. Colby had been fishing the spot over the past few days and mentioned that the water level had dropped quite a bit. There wasn't to many tailers and the fishing was ruff. Colby did spot up a beautiful dragon and I fired off about 20 pics in burst. HABENERO, need I say more. It was a beautiful dragon fly with fiery orange and something I had never seen before. I took a couple photos of Colby fishing and then we bounced over to some city ponds to see if there were any fish cruising. Although no fish were landed it was a great time hanging with Colby and taking a few photos.

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Colby D said...

They are looking good as always Jay.

TheReadFam said...

hey, love finding more blogs, i had no idea you were a fisherman, hook me up! I don't like to touch em' but i love to eat em'

hope all is well, good to hear from you


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