Sunday, May 31, 2009

My “Grip & Grin”

Snake River Cutthroat

This weekend I had a chance to get away and head up North. It was a much needed trip and my wife Lezlie was able to join me. With being sick and a little down, time relaxing and throwing a few casts is just what the Dr. ordered!

Our accommodations were top notch and the company was great. Board games and Texas Hold Em’ kept me occupied when I was not out stalking fish.

I took most of the photos. As most of you know I am not much of a “Grip & Grin” kind of guy when it comes to landing fish. However, on this trip I managed to land a fish of a lifetime. I have caught some beautiful trout over the years and I have never been one to hunt down the “Big One”. It just has not been a priority or desire. I am happy and content sticking fish of any size. I probably even do less of it now that the camera is in my hands.

I stalked a couple of large fish for a few hours and I was definitely rewarded with patience and presentation. I thought for sure I would botch my chances on hooking up with a large Bow that was working a riffle. I made three casts. Each cast without a take I switched flies. My third presentation was a small streamer and on the second strip I was hooked up and on for the joy ride of my life. My wife Lezlie photographed the event and here are a couple of my “Grip & Grins”.

I hope you enjoy the photography. I will post some additional stuff when I get some time. I also want to thank Blake for being there with his camera and snapping of some additional photos.


Here some of the other beautiful fish landed over the weekend…


Tiger Trout

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back From The Dead

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. Getting home from Alaska and pretty much going straight to the hospital. I was admitted with pneumonia and was nearly down for the count...literally! It all hits home when a doctor tells you "You are a lucky man! Without treatment you probably would have died!"

I have not been able to do much, recovery has been boring, meanwhile I got katz out there texting me about the fishing and yada, yada... Life goes on right?

I plan to get back out on the water shortly. The only positive to come out of this little scare was the new hospital mug I received, some new sock slippers and time spent with my family, oh and I finished the book "Blood In The Cage" (MMA stuff...if you are a fan, def. check it out. A great read).

Couple Shots from ID.
Idaho Brown Trout Clacka Craft Fly Fishing
Micro Flies

A shot from Alaska. I really like this photograph for some reason. The sunset and the light hitting the photogs while out birding.

Potter Marsh Alaska

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Southwest Fly Fishing Magazine Screen Shots

I took some screen shots that featured my article in South West Fly Fishing Magazine.




Photo Correction

Every now and then I get photos from people asking for my help with doing photo correction.  I thought I would share some before and after shots on a little project I just got done doing.   The main areas of correction were exposure, and detail.  I painted in some color at the end.



You can see from the above image that the clouds are dull, the trees in the background are muted and the photo is very under exposed.



Another take with Black & White:


I liked both effects.  This photo now pops and is something that can printed and shared on a wall!


All Images © Jason Morrison - All Rights Reserved