Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back From The Dead

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. Getting home from Alaska and pretty much going straight to the hospital. I was admitted with pneumonia and was nearly down for the count...literally! It all hits home when a doctor tells you "You are a lucky man! Without treatment you probably would have died!"

I have not been able to do much, recovery has been boring, meanwhile I got katz out there texting me about the fishing and yada, yada... Life goes on right?

I plan to get back out on the water shortly. The only positive to come out of this little scare was the new hospital mug I received, some new sock slippers and time spent with my family, oh and I finished the book "Blood In The Cage" (MMA stuff...if you are a fan, def. check it out. A great read).

Couple Shots from ID.
Idaho Brown Trout Clacka Craft Fly Fishing
Micro Flies

A shot from Alaska. I really like this photograph for some reason. The sunset and the light hitting the photogs while out birding.

Potter Marsh Alaska


mike doughty said...

damn jay sorry to hear that you were getting your ass kicked, but definately glad to hear that you pulled through. scary stuff!

jabberwock said...

Hey Jay,
Good to hear you are not all dead, just mostly dead....

What is the numbering system in that fly box? I thought at first fly size, but that can't be right.

JayMorr said...

Can you believe those sizes? I couldn't until I sat down and watched Matt tie up #32 extended body may flies.

They are indeed correct. The flies you see in that box are micro for sure. Craziness!

Thanks for your thoughts fellas. I am feeling better and the lingering cough I pray will go away soon!

MIKE said...

WOW! Glad to hear you're ok. take a break and recover...let your wife pamper you, just don't let her paint your nails.

My mom had that a few years ago and she was knocking on deaths door....fortunately he didn't answer.

Brett Colvin said...

I was expecting an exposé on hot nurses as seen from your 17-35mm!

It's great to hear you are recovering and getting ready for some rod bend soon.

Scott said...

Welcome back to the land of the living Jay! Happy to hear that you're back on your feet.

Great pics as always.


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