Thursday, January 22, 2009


The past couple of weeks have been crazy. My thoughts have been scattered and it has been hard to focus. I picked up the camera and hit the west side today. It was a quick trip but a must. I drove the dirt roads and let my mind wander. I had my cam in hand and the windows cracked. NOTHING! I parked the car and zoned out ...

My patience paid off and a few birds came within a hundred yards. I had my 100-400mm opened up and I was limited. I felt like my arms had been cut off. My shutter speeds were not quick enough. I tried bumping up my ISO but when I am out birding I hate to go above 400. I did my best to capture some beautiful birds.
I watched a Harrier drop in on a rodent. His beak tore through the flesh with ease and I was disapointed that I could not get the position to nail the shot.

The afternoon trip was soothing. I came away with more clarity and learned a thing or two. Thanks for the pointers "Thresher". I definitly need to add the 1.7x to the wish list and I can't wait to try the 300/f2.8. Let's get out soon!

Highlights of the day...



It is time to go fishing!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Couldn't Resist ;) - UTE NATION RISE UP!

Pretty much sums it up...

Utah vs. Alabama Sugar Bowl 2009


FlyFishermanForum New Year Highlight - SwittersB Fly Fishing

I was informed today and sent a link by a forum member on Fly Tying Forum that my photography was linked on SwittersB Fly Fishing. The Title "JayMorr Photography - Utah's Bounty".

Thanks for the spotlight!

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