Thursday, January 22, 2009


The past couple of weeks have been crazy. My thoughts have been scattered and it has been hard to focus. I picked up the camera and hit the west side today. It was a quick trip but a must. I drove the dirt roads and let my mind wander. I had my cam in hand and the windows cracked. NOTHING! I parked the car and zoned out ...

My patience paid off and a few birds came within a hundred yards. I had my 100-400mm opened up and I was limited. I felt like my arms had been cut off. My shutter speeds were not quick enough. I tried bumping up my ISO but when I am out birding I hate to go above 400. I did my best to capture some beautiful birds.
I watched a Harrier drop in on a rodent. His beak tore through the flesh with ease and I was disapointed that I could not get the position to nail the shot.

The afternoon trip was soothing. I came away with more clarity and learned a thing or two. Thanks for the pointers "Thresher". I definitly need to add the 1.7x to the wish list and I can't wait to try the 300/f2.8. Let's get out soon!

Highlights of the day...



It is time to go fishing!


featherhook said...

Nice Shots,
The detail is crystal,

Brett said...

Nice work Jay! Let's hit it soon!

Wildnative said...

I love birds of prey. Thanks for sharing.

When you have some time I can get you into position for some coyote shots. Let me know when you want to go. Plan about 2 or 3 hours.

Amb said...

Awesome pics as usual! I'm jealous. I haven't had time to get out and shoot - depressing! But I did get waders for my bday - so yup - time to go fishing!!


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