Friday, August 22, 2008

Waterside PHOTOWORKS - Will Milne Photography

The past two years I have improved on my photography ten fold. Some have even commented or contacted me directly to let me know how much they have appreciated my photography and are very surprised to see how much I have learned in such a short period of time. I appreciate those comments and also the insight that has been shared with me in order to progress and grow behind the lens.

I have learned so much from the web and from guys who have taken the time to share their work with me and comment on my own photography.

Their constructive criticism, and knowledge has helped speed up the learning curve which has allowed my photos to come to life and touch those around me.

There are many who have touched me personally in many ways with their photography. They have continually pushed me to improve in certain areas and probably do not know how much I have looked up to each of them.

Will Milne with WaterSide Photography has been one of those individuals. His photography has always been clean, his subject matter fascinates me. He has been able to capture Entomology and many other subjects non fly fishing related and share it with myself and many others over on Fly Tying Forum in the photography section of the board. His passion for fly fishing and photography has been captured in a way that has inspired me to become better....look for unique photo opportunities and take more time when setting up my shots.

Will, Mokai, Wulff, Ashby, peterjay, Vito....are just a few of the dudes who have shared some amazing photographs with me (everyone) over the year and who continually help me get better. I have appreciated their online presence and thank all of them. I hope I do not embarrass any of them by letting them know I am thankful. It has meant a lot.

Be sure to check out Will Milne's photography site, WATERSIDE PHOTOWORKS. When you see him on the boards be sure to congratulate him on his recent cover shot for "Hatches Magazine©". It is a beautiful shot. Will can also be contacted via email through his site. I have also linked his photography site on my blog roll.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fish Mobiles

Yesterday I was pouting. The text messages came in for some killer bass fishing out at the pond with Sir Cheechenstein in the evening and I was forced to decline. Laminate floors, a baby nursery room and my beautiful wife......very pregnant. It became clear that while Cheech was bustin' large mouth on the carrot stick, I would be grinding away at a never ending remodel project. It is no JayMorr exaguration to say that I was pissed to have another opportunity pass me by to get out and mug some Large Mouth. I have been frequently reminded that I got out a week or so ago and that there are more important things to be done than to stick a 4lb'r on the fly rod.

Sulking, I continued my drive home taking all the frontage roads in Centerville. As I passed Dick's Market I noticed a car show. It was old school. I have never been much into cars but I could not resist the opportunity to pull over and take some photographs. As I began setting up my shots I contimplated the cars that I had purchased or drove over the years. It got me thinking about my fish mobiles and the many experiences I had in each of them. The many trips traveled and the stories behind them. I laughed at my thoughts about the Mercury Marquee. The times it got stuck. Jumping it off 9th and 9th in SLC and going through countless oil pans. The trunk was always filled with army green rubber hip boots and a rod already strung. My Bronco II and getting stuck in a ditch with Brett came to mind. The diamond plate bumper was a table for everything. It weathered countless camping trips to the High Uinta Mountains. The gold 4-Runner, Suburu Outback, F150, Yukon etc.... they have all served their purpose and done well. Flies have been pig sticked to dashboards and carpets over the years only adding to the fish karma.

The car show was pretty neat. If I had a "Vett" or "T-Bird" in the same could bet my ass I would try and make it a fish magnet.

I managed to get some good photos, got a nursery room near completion and my thoughts are now turning towards the weekend.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some New Additions

When I take the cameras out I usually end up ripping off about 2-4 gigs of photos. I shoot all of my stuff in RAW format. Here are a few more of my favorites from this past week. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Am Haunted By Trout

The summer has been filled with fish. I have enjoyed smackin new species and scratching them off my wish list. Each species caught on the fly has given me a sense of accomplishment when I challenged myself a year or so ago to think outside the box and try something new. I hooked into Tiger Muskey with Stout, missed the big set with Colby, ripped tailing Carp out at the pond, and been patient on the Crappie. The Pike have eluded me when Jason and I tried our window of opportunity and Big Lake Trout "Mac's" are soon to be on my radar.

I hit the water with Brent and Jason this week. Summertime Caddis fishing at its finest. Walking across the field the bugs hovered around us. The cool water felt good on my exposed legs. I could feel that first instant rush of water enter into my wading boots reminding me how much I love to wet wade. As my hand skimmed across the top of the grassy bank, a storm of fluttering Caddis hit the air.

I took time to capture the moment and paused to watch the others fish a nice riffle. My enjoyment out on the water over the years has gradually changed. My excitement for others and the opportunity to take a picture has rivaled if not equaled that same rush when hooking a large Brown. I am content watching fish be caught more often then sticking fish myself. It has been gratifying, a challenge in its own and with my experiences I have grown.

It was not long before Jason was into a beautiful fish. I paused to watch him maneuver the fish downstream and into a section of calm water. Brent headed up stream and as I looked into the sky I could see the large thunder clouds clipping the corner of the horizon, missing us with its rain. Again I took a photograph and began to make my way upstream.

Brent worked a large Rainbow underneath an overhanging tree. The lie and outside seem was a difficult one to cast to and after several attempts of presenting a CDC Caddis, we were all rewarded as we watched an awesome hook, set. The Bow took Brent down stream. It was strong, and healthy. It gave a great fight.

I eventually put the camera down to fish some nice runs with Jason. We took turns having large trout strip our line into fast water and break us off. The rush and excitement lasted into the night. It was late when we got off the water. As we walked back to the truck I grinned. The river was ours, not a single soul, it was quiet.

Last night as I tried to sleep I thought about the trout we landed and the brutes that got away...


All Images © Jason Morrison - All Rights Reserved