Monday, September 21, 2009

Wood On The Green

Getting the "Woodie" out on some moving water was long overdue! It could not have come sooner with how crazy things have been the past couple of months. Making a trip to the Green and sticking a few fish definitely renewed the soul.

I will not lie and let you all know that I was nervous about rowing. I have spent time on the flat water getting familiar with my boat. Rowing a drift boat is one thing, doing it while a couple of Fish Rats are huckin bugs and trying to read water is somewhat of an art form. I watched several experienced guides make it look so simple and natural. Rather quite humbling actually.

Colby D. coached me through a couple of rapids and was my eyes for the trip pointing out different things and letting me know where to put him on the water. I learned a lot.

Jason & Nick kickin back.


Colby D. Old School


Impressive Scenery through the Flats


The Rewards


All Images © Jason Morrison - All Rights Reserved