Thursday, November 29, 2007

Knock, Knock...

"Next to prayer, flyfishing is the most personal relationship of man".

Surrounded by reds and yellows, swallowed up in a portrait of time,
crisp air cutting through the fleece lining of my worn jacket.
Branches crackle, leaves fall, sitting still I begin to feel cold.
Glancing, a small riffle pushes the remains of a weathered leaf down stream,
thoughts of life emerge reflecting on time as I sit on the overgrown, grassy bank.
A momentary lapse of reason, questioning, I ponder the forgotten and stand up, ripping the air with another heavily weighted cast.
Crashing the water, "Knock - Knock....", stripping aggression, "Anyone Home"?

"I knew you'd answer!"

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(recently I have posted some of my short writings on other websites. I will copy and save them here on the blog.)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

JayMorr FlyFishing

F3 - will always live on. I just want to say thank you to all those that supported the site. It was a great run and I had a blast getting to meet so many different people, all who share the passion.

Flyfishing is a passion, an art, and a way of life. I truly am blessed to live in an area that allows me to become free from the daily grind and cast a fly. Over the years I have flyfished with many, each person and memory engrained, creating another chapter. I have learned so much yet I am humbled by all that is still to be discovered. Flyfishing has no boundries!

This is my first blog...
This is JayMorr Flyfishing...
Flyfishing is whatever you want it to be...
Make it your own!


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