Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy New Year From The SLC!

With all the snow this past couple weeks I have not been on the water. I have been spending a lot of time behind the lens and taking advantage of some nice winter shots around town.
While these photos are not fly fishing related I thought I would share a couple with everyone and wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009! Let's hope it is as great as 2008 or better!

Salt Lake Capital Building. SLC, UT

LDS Temple. SLC, UT

HAPPY NEW YEAR & Tight Lines 2009 from JayMorr, Lezlie, Ben, Brig, Raegan & Romney!

Catching Up Over The Holiday

The holiday season has kept me very busy with portraits and writing. Late nights and early mornings are the only way to keep up with pulling images off the cameras and having any time to do any kind of post processing.

Fishing with Jason & Scott was good times for sure. Scott needs to get out to Utah more!

I hope you enjoy some of the latest.

Bear Lake was awesome this year:

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rainbow Flash - The Art of Fly Tying Materials

The past couple of weeks I have been experimenting with "Reverse Macro". I have spent some time shooting a series featuring fly tying materials. In this set I shot Crystal Flash hung from my light box. I really enjoyed the colors and I hope you do as well. This set of three are my favorites.

These photographs will look good blown up and added to the wall in the fly tying dungeon.

It took time to mix and match the colors to come up with a "Rainbow Trout" feel. I have a lot of fun exploring new techniques with Reverse Macro.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Fly Rod & Brown Pics

I just got done fighting the Flu! I do not wish that upon anyone. It ripped through my family. As quick as it came it is now gone and I feel like I can finally sit down and focus a bit. I put together some more photos tonight of some of the Brown shots I got. I hope you enjoy them. I really like the shot of the fly rod on the rocks. The stones turned out really neat in the frame.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Fishing The Middle P.

Thanksgiving time, turkey, home made rolls, stuffing, and mash potatoes! It would not be complete without a day on the water with friends.

We hit the Middle P. and enjoyed the time away from "everything". The weather was perfect and so were the colors on a few fish that were caught.

I have not fished the Provo that much this year. There has been other water to be had this year. It was good to hit the "Middle" again as the year winds down and comes to a close. I will post more photos shortly, but here are a few from the other day.


All Images © Jason Morrison - All Rights Reserved