Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NEW BLOG - JayMorr Photography

I just want to let everyone know that I have been working on a new blog for JayMorr Photography. The new blog will accommodate larger photo's and have a more professional look. PLEASE MAKE NOTE ***** The new address is:

be sure to update all your bookmarks ;) (I will also update my blog roll links to include the new address). The look and feel is still a work in progress including the banner header which will be improved with Adobe Flash very soon. I should have the site completed over the holidays. Stay Tuned! I am very excited.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Mentors Series 1 - John Bennett Photography

A little while back I highlighted a few of the individuals who have made an impact on my photography and helped me grow in many ways. The internet for me and like many others has made it possible to read, share, critique photos and has opened doors to a world of photography. Over the years I have built relationships with some great people through online communities. Their impact has effected me greatly both as a fly fisher and photographer.

John Bennett aka. "Wulff" has been one of those individuals. His photography over the past few years sparked a personal excitement to capture my flyfishing passion behind a lens. It has now developed past fly fishing and has become a huge part who I am. Capturing a moment, a story, if only for a second, has consumed my energy and I live to share it.

"Wulff" has had a very large impact on how I shoot, and the equipment I use (Canon). He has taken the time to critique and expand upon my photos and I will always be grateful to him! John's work can be viewed at http://jben.zenfolio.com/ . His galleries include Fishing, Hunting, Wildlife, & Waterfowl, along with many others. John has some of the most impressive Waterfowl and Raptor shots I have ever seen. While John works full time in the financial industry his other profession as a photographer has taken him on assignment where he has captured some amazing photographs. Be sure to check out his site! I have also added a link to my blog roll.

Thanks John! Keep sharing your work.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tying The "MacDaddy"

A few years ago I stumbled on to a nice write up by Jay "Fishy" Fullum and his innovative Nail Fly patterns. Over the years I have tied up many of Jay's patterns and have incorperated my own spin off's from his flies. When I first tied the nail fly I used it exclusively in Brown to mimic a baby Brown Trout. I will never forget my first cast on Big Cotton Wood Canyon Creek in SLC, UT and the monster hit I got from such a tiny trout. I hooked the little guy and I knew I was immediately on to something good. I have experimented with several colors and I have been playing around with a new pattern that I have named "MacDaddy". Lake Trout have been picking up White and Chartruese patterns and the nail fly in this color should be a success.

Again, play around with color variations and have fun!

Step 1
Paint fake fingernails or use sharpie markers. Apply 1 coat of nail hardner to the nail. This will seal the color. Green/Chartruese, has been a great color ;)

Step 2
Using a #4 Streamer hook, bend the shank down. This will give the fly more action and also help attach the nail back later on. Begin with laying down a thread base.

Step 3
Attach either dumbell, or chain eyes to the TOP of the thorax. This will help the nail fly reside upside down on the strips. I have used a figure-eight wrap and super glue to lock the eyes in place.

Step 4
Attach the tail. I am using Perl Crystal Flash for this pattern. Color and material can be subsituted. Attach the Herl/Chennille and wrap it forward. In this pattern I am using a Perl Herl, and I have twisted it to give it a tighter body. Bring the herl all the way forward over the eyes and tie it in.

Step 5
At this point you should have a pretty decent looking fly.

Step 6
Coat the top of the fly with super glue. Also coat the inside of the nail with glue. Press the nail back onto the fly and butt it up next to the eyes. Finish the fly with head cement. I have also added eyes by glueing them to the dumbells for further effect.

I would love to hear how you all do. This pattern is killer in brown with black dots to represent a baby Brown Trout. I also tie them up in a Light Purple and Pink to represent baby Bows. It is that time of year to break out the big stuff and HUCK MEAT!


Monday, November 3, 2008

Lake Trout Fly Fishing Vid

"SenorFish" (Brandon) took this sic video of Stout landing a nice Mac on the fly! Can't wait to get back up there fellas!

Back from "Lake Town" - Big Mac's On The Fly

It's 2am and I am on the road. I cracked the window and sipped on a Rockstar energy drink, it didn't matter that I had not slept the last couple of days. The excitement caused restless nights, not to mention a wicked cold that could be felt all the way down into my chest. I felt like I had been hit by a large object. I rolled into Stout's place and we quickly loaded the gear into the trailer. The drive to the lake seemed short in the early morning hours. We made good time with knowone on the roads and the conversation took the sting out of my body. We rolled up at the usual spot to find Jason asleep in the back of his truck. We had at least 2 hours before sun up and a power nap was a must. The rest was quick but it felt good. Our boats were on the water before sunlight. The trout could be seen porpusing out of the water like dolphins. The splashes were loud thuds as they hit the water. Drenaline was flowing and in the three years of fishing for "Lakers" I have only hooked into one and never landed it. The window of opportunity is short in the morning hours and it was now or wait till next year to scratch another species off my wish list. Turning, I saw Stout's rod doubled over and in a calm and quiet voice I could hear him say "I think this is a nice one". Stout had been up the day before landed a very nice Mac and the weekend before that landed 4 or 5 more. He was making it look easy, but for anyone who has fished with us on these adventures, they know its tuff and it is not fast and furious by any means! Patience and paying dues comes to mind and with a bit of luck, I have seen some very large Trout landed on 8-weights. The 8-weight was doubled over in half making it look flimsy. Calmly Stout got a net on the fish and I raised up to snap some shots. In the background I could see the faint signs of light as the pink sky started to show above the mountain horizon.

We slugged out the morning hours, it was almost noon and with one Lake Trout caught it was about time to hit the road back home with our window of opportunity dwindling as the morning progressed. I pulled my boat to the shore just as Jason hooked into a very large fish. He played him for minutes and was unable to turn him or bring it up. Before we could get good looks, it was gone. Disapproval and disappointment set in but sometimes that just happens.

Every year I look forward to these trips and my opportunity to land the Trout that still eludes me. Maybe next year.

I hope you enjoy the photos... Nice fish Stout!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! MUHAHAHAHA! Be sure to check out www.jaymorrphotography.blogspot.com for all the details! I put the new Canon 100-400mm L to the test!

PS. It's 12:35am and I am out the door for the lake in 1.50hrs... Gone Fishing!

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