Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tying The "MacDaddy"

A few years ago I stumbled on to a nice write up by Jay "Fishy" Fullum and his innovative Nail Fly patterns. Over the years I have tied up many of Jay's patterns and have incorperated my own spin off's from his flies. When I first tied the nail fly I used it exclusively in Brown to mimic a baby Brown Trout. I will never forget my first cast on Big Cotton Wood Canyon Creek in SLC, UT and the monster hit I got from such a tiny trout. I hooked the little guy and I knew I was immediately on to something good. I have experimented with several colors and I have been playing around with a new pattern that I have named "MacDaddy". Lake Trout have been picking up White and Chartruese patterns and the nail fly in this color should be a success.

Again, play around with color variations and have fun!

Step 1
Paint fake fingernails or use sharpie markers. Apply 1 coat of nail hardner to the nail. This will seal the color. Green/Chartruese, has been a great color ;)

Step 2
Using a #4 Streamer hook, bend the shank down. This will give the fly more action and also help attach the nail back later on. Begin with laying down a thread base.

Step 3
Attach either dumbell, or chain eyes to the TOP of the thorax. This will help the nail fly reside upside down on the strips. I have used a figure-eight wrap and super glue to lock the eyes in place.

Step 4
Attach the tail. I am using Perl Crystal Flash for this pattern. Color and material can be subsituted. Attach the Herl/Chennille and wrap it forward. In this pattern I am using a Perl Herl, and I have twisted it to give it a tighter body. Bring the herl all the way forward over the eyes and tie it in.

Step 5
At this point you should have a pretty decent looking fly.

Step 6
Coat the top of the fly with super glue. Also coat the inside of the nail with glue. Press the nail back onto the fly and butt it up next to the eyes. Finish the fly with head cement. I have also added eyes by glueing them to the dumbells for further effect.

I would love to hear how you all do. This pattern is killer in brown with black dots to represent a baby Brown Trout. I also tie them up in a Light Purple and Pink to represent baby Bows. It is that time of year to break out the big stuff and HUCK MEAT!



Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Love the tutorial Jay,I don't get out to often to target trout but this is definitely one fly I will be trying out.In the last image you have of the completed fly,would this be the way that it would swim through the water? If so, I can see how it would perform...looks killer as you say.

JayMorr said...

Thanks bud! Yes it is intended to swim hook up. However I have also tied them up without eyes and stripped the the other way, hook down and that works well too.

Give them a try and let me know. These do not just work on trout ;)

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Its actually got me thinking how could I incorporate the same method in to my Pike,Zander(Walleye)& Perch flies.Off course I would have to use something a little bigger than a nail but am sure I could scrounge around for something similar.Will make some over the winter and try them out in the Spring and summer as well as to for trout.
mmmmm !Interesting.back to the drawing boards and will let you know how things transpire.


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