Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Mentors Series 1 - John Bennett Photography

A little while back I highlighted a few of the individuals who have made an impact on my photography and helped me grow in many ways. The internet for me and like many others has made it possible to read, share, critique photos and has opened doors to a world of photography. Over the years I have built relationships with some great people through online communities. Their impact has effected me greatly both as a fly fisher and photographer.

John Bennett aka. "Wulff" has been one of those individuals. His photography over the past few years sparked a personal excitement to capture my flyfishing passion behind a lens. It has now developed past fly fishing and has become a huge part who I am. Capturing a moment, a story, if only for a second, has consumed my energy and I live to share it.

"Wulff" has had a very large impact on how I shoot, and the equipment I use (Canon). He has taken the time to critique and expand upon my photos and I will always be grateful to him! John's work can be viewed at . His galleries include Fishing, Hunting, Wildlife, & Waterfowl, along with many others. John has some of the most impressive Waterfowl and Raptor shots I have ever seen. While John works full time in the financial industry his other profession as a photographer has taken him on assignment where he has captured some amazing photographs. Be sure to check out his site! I have also added a link to my blog roll.

Thanks John! Keep sharing your work.

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NJ said...

That is some serious bendo!


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