Thursday, April 30, 2009

This Just In - Baby Fisher Birth Announcement!

I had fun with this project. Congrats again to Nick and Stef Jones on the birth of Baby Fisher.

Baby Announcement - Fisher Scott Jones

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Southwest Fly Fishing Magazine Featured Story on Bear Lake, UT

I am very excited to see my featured story and photography in the latest May/June issue of SouthWest Fly Fishing Magazine. Check out for more details or pick up a copy at your local fly shop/news stand.

The story features Bear Lake, Utah and fly fishing for Lake Trout. Also a big congrats goes out to Jason Haslam for being the featured fly tyer and innovator in the same issue.

SouthWest Fly Fishing Magazine May/June 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Floating Up North

My good friend Lynn Scott with BS Flies met up with Jason and I and put us on to some of the water up his way.

Lynn Scott

Later in the day we met up with Chris Chase and floated some "Northern Waters". Chris and I had talked about fishing for a while and we finally made it happen.

Floating The North Fork

The day was beautiful but with no cloud cover, it made the top water action tough. We spent most of the day throwing large streamers and drifting big stones.

We hooked into a few fish. I think one of the highlights was me ripping into an 8in. "Whitey" on a 8in. streamer. Everyone got a kick out of it. I also managed to pig stick Haslam with a streamer to the back of the head. I was laughing so hard I got caught with my waders down.

The Release In Monochrome

We had a great time. I can't wait to get back up north and fish again. Maybe the next time Lynn can stick around and manage to land a few fish before taking off to work ;)

Chris Chase

Jason Haslam

Snake River Conservation

I hope you enjoyed some of the photos. I will be posting some additional items from the Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Expo in Idaho Falls later.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ThisIsFly Magazine Issue #16 - "The Chase" by Jason Morrison

Issue #16 thisisfly Magazine hit the web. I was excited to see that they kept my photography in its original state and did a great job on my story layout. If you guys have not seen, spread the word and R E P R E S E N T!

Featured Article: "The Chase" - This Is Fly #16 (4/09)

Featured Article: "The Chase" - This Is Fly #16 (4/09)

Featured Article: "The Chase" - This Is Fly #16 (4/09)

Featured Article: "The Chase" - This Is Fly #16 (4/09)

Featured Article: "The Chase" - This Is Fly #16 (4/09)

Featured Article: "The Chase" - This Is Fly #16 (4/09)

Featured Article: "The Chase" - This Is Fly #16 (4/09)

F E A T U R E D:
Bryan Gregson
Clint Goodman
Colby D Crossland

Session On The Salt

To see my session on the Salt visit "the Blog" at jaymorr photography. I had a great night of shooting with Mr. Colvin.

GSL Sunset


Friday, April 10, 2009

Once Upon A Time - Entry By Brett Colvin

Threshershark Color
Be sure to check out for the latest poetic entry by photographer Brett Colvin. As if you have not already noticed his photography, Brett has an ability to eloquently speak poetic tongues and share a story.

"Once Upon A Time"....

JayMorr Photography Updated

The Blog - Site Updated
JayMorr Photography

Stop by and visit.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Catch Of The Day - Baby Fisher


When Nick & Stef asked me to photograph baby fisher a couple months back, I was honored. Fisher is already quite the fisherman at three weeks. I had a good time taking a ride up to Logan, UT with my two kids Raegan and Brig. They enjoyed Stef's awesome cooking. Stef made the best stone round pizzas!

Fisher was a little stud. I was able to get some shots that I hope both mom and dad will cherish and share with their families. Here are few shots from our photo shoot.








Be sure to check out the entire set at


Monday, April 6, 2009

Somewhere Southbound

Sunday was beautiful. We threw down the "Toon Stack" and headed southbound. I had to snap a photo of the thermostat... it was gonna be a cold one ;)

-6 Degrees

It was a fun day, and I enjoyed hitting the stillwater with Thresh and Cody. Not very productive, the fishing was slow. We ripped a few fish and Brett's 4lb'r popped off after a five minute run.

Sage Fly Fishing

I was able to get a couple of fun pics and tuck the landscape shots away for viewing!

Threshershark Color

Good times fellas! Let's do it again real soon. Northern waters are to be had.

Brett I appreciate the profile pic. Can I borrow a razor?


Friday, April 3, 2009

Day Two With The D700

For anyone interested in seeing some additional images that I have taken on the D700, visit

I get more and more excited each time I shoot with the new hardware!

Feel free to drop in on my other blog and say hello! I look forward to getting out this weekend for some trout shots. Stay tuned.



So the new hardware feels good in my hands and I can't wait to rip off a bunch of photos on some fishies this weekend.

I spent the past week reading up on the new camera body and finally got a chance to put it to use tonight. I had to get out and take some night shots. It has been hard to put the D700 down since its arrival today. I think some good things are to come...

Although they are not fish shots, I hope you enjoy a couple pics from my S L C night session.

Thanks Brett (Threshershark) for all the little questions I had about the NIKON! I know it will not take long for me to be true "Nikonian" ;)

Rain Utah Capital

Beck Street


All Images © Jason Morrison - All Rights Reserved