Friday, April 3, 2009


So the new hardware feels good in my hands and I can't wait to rip off a bunch of photos on some fishies this weekend.

I spent the past week reading up on the new camera body and finally got a chance to put it to use tonight. I had to get out and take some night shots. It has been hard to put the D700 down since its arrival today. I think some good things are to come...

Although they are not fish shots, I hope you enjoy a couple pics from my S L C night session.

Thanks Brett (Threshershark) for all the little questions I had about the NIKON! I know it will not take long for me to be true "Nikonian" ;)

Rain Utah Capital

Beck Street



Brett Colvin said...

The JSM shot is right out of a brochure man. I'd love to see the EXIF on this. Probably hand held and at least ISO 3200. Amazing.

JayMorr said...

Hand held at ISO 4500. My auto ISO kicked in on these and it worked out great. I seriously did not have to noise ninja most of my shots. The High ISO on most shots did not show a lot of noise.

Amb said...

I love your night pics!! I still have a hard time with those...glad to see you are becoming a Nikonian :)!
Thanks for sharing!!!


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