Sunday, March 15, 2009

Throwin Down Large With The Shark

With the warmer weather around the corner it is time to get the boxes in order. ThresherShark payed a visit to the F L Y D U N G E O N and threw down some serious fly smack. Large fish require large candy.

Tiger Muskie Candy

It was a good time. I always enjoy tying with company. I can't wait to huck the big stuff.

The Playboy Bunny - JayMorr

A few of the ties from our session...

Tying Night

Thresh broke out the FISH PORN and the next hour was spent with the family watching DRIFT! If you have not seen it, you should definitely check it out.


Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Great looking flies Jay

Ken Morrow said...

great looking stuff. i'm out of streamer collar feathers and hav to go get some. just got more snow n the mountains yesterday from this late season cold snap...dag nabbit! should b getting up into the gila wilderness by early april, but runoff seems like it might b late this yr. luckily snow pack is light. so we'll c what happens. i miss tying n groups. i'm considering starting a tying class out at the ft. bliss rod and gun club.

Brett Colvin said...

Thanks for hosting the 12 step program for Fly Tiers Anonymous Jay. I had the Barracuda out last night crankin' out a mouthfull.

Big Hoss said...

If those flies came scooting across my face i would have to partake, they just look to tasty to pass up.


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