Friday, December 28, 2007

"So You Wanna Be A Fly Fishing Rockstar!"

Over the last several years fly fishing websites, online magazines, forums and blogs have all contributed in the way that we receive information. It is not surprising to see a new generation of fly fishers getting involved in the flyfishing industry. We have come to an age where information is readily available at our fingertips through internet and other media making a learning curve much easier to overcome (or creating bad habits). With such advances in technology some would argue both the positive and negative influences this has had on our local waters and within our circle of fly fishers.

Trying to focus on the positive and having run a fly fishing forum board, technology has been awesome with connecting us to others who enjoy and share the same flyfishing passion. Not only have I directly benefited from it, I have spent countless hours sharing fly patterns, tips and fly fishing experiences with friends online. Emails pour into my gmail inbox when the "hatch is on" or after a friends day of fishing, only to give me a report. The way we get our information has changed and so has the modern day fly fisherman.

With the positive also comes the harsh reality that our waters are becoming more crowded, and fly fishing has evolved into the big business mentality. It has been this way for years and those that have been around since the beginning will sometimes open up and share their take on what fly fishing used to be for them back in the day.

Today more and more people are picking up a fly rod. Those that have spent little time in the sport are also trying to make a name for themselves. Fly Fishing forums have created overnight experts and a frenzy to make a dollar in the industry. Master fly tyers, rod builders, you name it... the idea to be a fly fishing rockstar is more evident now with all the hype!

Yes, fly fishing has changed! Educating those that are just getting involved go's a long way. Being respectful out on the water and showing humility after all is what makes the difference. Getting involved, and supporting the efforts to make things better for our passion is what truly counts. Each of us has a responsibility within our own capacity to "represent". So you wanna be a fly fishing rockstar?? Take notice, be an example, promote the good and pay it forward.

One fly fisher's actions can make a difference!

Happy 2008!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and safe and happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

MySpace Fly Girls!

I first met Ken Morrow a few years back through Ken owner and writer for Ozarks Fly Anglers has been keeping us updated with some of the best fly fishing around! But I have to admit...Ken has been keeping us glued to our screens with HOTTIES that fly fish!

Be sure to check out the latest MySpace Fly Girl: Chrissy from CA over at Ozarks Fly Anglers. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Thanks Ken!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Trick My Fly Dungeon

While I do enjoy fly fishing Utah's cold winters, it is also a great time to tie and replenish the fly boxes. As if ritual I head down to my fly dungeon and begin the task at hand.

Over the past several years I have convinced my significant other that having a dedicated room for all my fly tying material is a MUST NEED! I don't think she would argue the fact knowing about all the materials I have collected over the years and some she doesn't know about. Having a "Fly Dungeon" is important for any serious fly tyer. Mine also just happens to be accomidated with a nice bed for those late nights at the vise.

Whether your space is large or small, trickin it out can make it quite nice. Here are a few suggestions that can help:

- A clean tying space SAVES money! Putting materials where they belong will help you find things easier when you need them and not have you at the flyshop anymore then you already are. For some an excuse to visit the shop is a good thang.

- Start with a desk or tying table. Bins, containers, or other material storage types can be placed in areas that are easy to reach and get to when you are tying. Sometimes just a large table with plenty of tying room is all you need.

- Having a small bookshelf close by is nice. If you are anything like me, I collect fly tying books and magazines. Not having to dig through boxes to find a favorite article and being able to pull books off the shelf to reference patterns is nice.

- Having a laptop computer in your workspace is nice for looking up patterns or ideas on the web and of course for those alone times when the tying gets tuff. A cheap laptop can be purchased usually for under $100 through most of your classifieds and is powerful enough to get you to that favorite website. I also use mine to stream gotta have the fly tunes!

Creating the perfect Fly Dungeon is fun. For me the Fly Dungeon is always revolving into something new or better. So this winter define your fly tying space and trick it.


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