Sunday, January 31, 2010


This intermission has been brought to you by – “The Golden Midget”.

Had a great day shooting with Colvin.  A test run on the new gear.  The baldies were planted on the outer rim of the ice.  I focused on the gulls, a few harriers, and practiced.  Birding is tough and it definitely takes work and patience.  While I didn’t get any of the birds I wanted on the glass, I chalk it up to payin’ my dues and better luck next time.

I took a few photographs of the man cannons. 

B O O M !



JAY_9842   JAY_0146_BW JAY_0277 




Photo Courtesy of Brett Colvin Photography 2010 ©

Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Flyfishing On The Green River – Part II

Here are a few more highlights of my recent trip to the Green.  My second series of photos include the images of the Big Horn Sheep that I was able to stalk up to about 10 yards.  When he stood up from the river bank I knew that I was getting a bit to close for comfort. 

I watched Trav work “Sippers” and one of my favorite shots is of him crouched down and stalking a nice brown trout that can be seen rising in the photograph.

After the fish was landed I took the opportunity to grab a quick photo of the beautiful fin.  I think it looks good in B&W.  Fish look better when landed on a W I N S T O N. 

Who said LARGE bugs were only thrown in the Summer months?

Remember to “Wade Softly & Carry A Green Stick” ~quote Trav












Stay Tuned for Part III …JAY_9375

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Green River - Utah Winter Fly Fishing

The drive up to Utah's Green River this past weekend was sketchy. The snow made for icy roads in the early, Sunday morning hours. The pay off ... solitude and a river all to ourselves.

I spent a couple of great days behind the lens. I will share a series of photos throughout the week. There were many highlights on the trip. The "Battle Ram" (Big Horn Sheep) that came down from the mountain to drink, I was able to sneak up within 10 yards and photograph him.

Here is a peak at the first few.







Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trout & Candy

Many fish landed …  lots of memories.  The excitement of the experience and the few that leave a ripple, they are the trout that haunt me. Special fish that are always remembered, this is one of them.

The hissing sounds of the wind rattle my window.  The cold draft leaking into my dungeon is a reminder …  I need to get tying. 




Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I have had a lot of fun shooting with the “Ice” theme.  A few shots from the last shoot.





 JAY_8727 JAY_8727BW

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fly Magic – Creations From The Magi

The New Year kicked off right with a tying session at the “Fry” manor. Good eats, sports with ballz, and some sick patterns from the Fly Magi.




All Images © Jason Morrison - All Rights Reserved