Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Flyfishing On The Green River – Part II

Here are a few more highlights of my recent trip to the Green.  My second series of photos include the images of the Big Horn Sheep that I was able to stalk up to about 10 yards.  When he stood up from the river bank I knew that I was getting a bit to close for comfort. 

I watched Trav work “Sippers” and one of my favorite shots is of him crouched down and stalking a nice brown trout that can be seen rising in the photograph.

After the fish was landed I took the opportunity to grab a quick photo of the beautiful fin.  I think it looks good in B&W.  Fish look better when landed on a W I N S T O N. 

Who said LARGE bugs were only thrown in the Summer months?

Remember to “Wade Softly & Carry A Green Stick” ~quote Trav












Stay Tuned for Part III …JAY_9375


mike doughty said...

those shots are absolutely killer jay

jabberwock said...

your shots just keep getting better and better.

But, if you are going to become a rod snob, get snobbish about bamboo. Not overpriced graphite ;)

JayMorr said...

Now that is funny Kev! I only wish I could afford one of those rods!

Flyfiction Andreas said...

Hello JayMorr,

I really like your blog and photos on flickr. Fantastic!
My hobbies is like yours, flyfishing and photo.
It would be nice if you could take a look at my blog and photos on flickr and maybe give me some tips, so I could take some steps in improvement!

//Andreas from Sweden.

Jeremy said...

Incredible shots man. I had a big bunch of sheep come in on me on the Ark this year, wish my pics were 1/5 as stellar.
Grass is nice to fish; can't say much more than that though.


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