Sunday, January 31, 2010


This intermission has been brought to you by – “The Golden Midget”.

Had a great day shooting with Colvin.  A test run on the new gear.  The baldies were planted on the outer rim of the ice.  I focused on the gulls, a few harriers, and practiced.  Birding is tough and it definitely takes work and patience.  While I didn’t get any of the birds I wanted on the glass, I chalk it up to payin’ my dues and better luck next time.

I took a few photographs of the man cannons. 

B O O M !



JAY_9842   JAY_0146_BW JAY_0277 




Photo Courtesy of Brett Colvin Photography 2010 ©


Alex Landeen said...

That's quite a lens.

Amb said...

Incredible Jay! Totally jealous of the lens - sweet!!


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