Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Green River - Utah Winter Fly Fishing

The drive up to Utah's Green River this past weekend was sketchy. The snow made for icy roads in the early, Sunday morning hours. The pay off ... solitude and a river all to ourselves.

I spent a couple of great days behind the lens. I will share a series of photos throughout the week. There were many highlights on the trip. The "Battle Ram" (Big Horn Sheep) that came down from the mountain to drink, I was able to sneak up within 10 yards and photograph him.

Here is a peak at the first few.








Pike fly-fishing articles said...

The 1st & 3rd images are just...simply breath taking Jay.

mike doughty said...

great pics as always jay!

MIKE said...

As always, great work Jay. Any scenic shots to share? I never fished the Green, but past over it a lot on my way into Utah to visit my grandparents in Provo.

JayMorr said...

Thanks for all of your comments! They are appreciated. This trip was a lot of fun. I have 16gigs of RAW that I went through and cannot decide which shots to share. I spent a considerable amount of time setting up different shots and covered many angles.

I quick collected a 100 or so photographs that I enjoy the most. I will post some landscapes and wildlife shots this week ;)

Thanks again.

Scott said...

Stellar trip, Jay! Darn I miss the Green a lot!

Where can I pick up one of those sweet Wright and McGill fly boxes? I can't find one through their site.

JayMorr said...

Here you go Scott:

Be sure to let them know that sent you ;)


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