Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ICE OFF! - "Dude Put That Away!" (Part II)

I woke up refreshed! The steam from the shower fogged the motel room. I proceeded to write "Butch Cassidy" in the steamed mirror just hoping that some poor soul would see the haunting of room 103 one day!

We sat down at the booth and ordered the works. "HASH STAX, and the CLASSIC". With breakfast behind us we were off on a beautiful Sunday morning to crash on a few Green Backs.


The air was warmer than before and the water was calm. It took a minute or two but Brett was hookin' fatties on the Craw and making it look easy.


The wind was now hissing from the North and making for some really tough fishing conditions. We dropped into a small bay, threw our backs to the wind and kicked. Brett posted up on a school and began to rip into several nice Bows.



With afternoon winds drawing up swells it became harder to navigate. Our trip was coming to a close, the fishing was slow but very worthwhile. Glam shotz for all and the best saved for last... enjoy!




"Dude Put That Away!"





jabberwock said...

That breakfast looks good. I think I can feel my arteries by just looking at it.

Beautiful fish.

Brett Colvin said...

Wrecked 'em. Darn near killed 'em.

dmnaz1 said...

Looks like a fabulous day. Great photos.

Big Hoss said...

I can't get over how awesome your pics are. how much for a print of that one with the three shot of you letting the fish go?

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Jay, you truly mate do take stunning imagery mate.Gorgeous work again....Wow!


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