Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fish Mobiles

Yesterday I was pouting. The text messages came in for some killer bass fishing out at the pond with Sir Cheechenstein in the evening and I was forced to decline. Laminate floors, a baby nursery room and my beautiful wife......very pregnant. It became clear that while Cheech was bustin' large mouth on the carrot stick, I would be grinding away at a never ending remodel project. It is no JayMorr exaguration to say that I was pissed to have another opportunity pass me by to get out and mug some Large Mouth. I have been frequently reminded that I got out a week or so ago and that there are more important things to be done than to stick a 4lb'r on the fly rod.

Sulking, I continued my drive home taking all the frontage roads in Centerville. As I passed Dick's Market I noticed a car show. It was old school. I have never been much into cars but I could not resist the opportunity to pull over and take some photographs. As I began setting up my shots I contimplated the cars that I had purchased or drove over the years. It got me thinking about my fish mobiles and the many experiences I had in each of them. The many trips traveled and the stories behind them. I laughed at my thoughts about the Mercury Marquee. The times it got stuck. Jumping it off 9th and 9th in SLC and going through countless oil pans. The trunk was always filled with army green rubber hip boots and a rod already strung. My Bronco II and getting stuck in a ditch with Brett came to mind. The diamond plate bumper was a table for everything. It weathered countless camping trips to the High Uinta Mountains. The gold 4-Runner, Suburu Outback, F150, Yukon etc.... they have all served their purpose and done well. Flies have been pig sticked to dashboards and carpets over the years only adding to the fish karma.

The car show was pretty neat. If I had a "Vett" or "T-Bird" in the same condition....you could bet my ass I would try and make it a fish magnet.

I managed to get some good photos, got a nursery room near completion and my thoughts are now turning towards the weekend.

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BG said...

Great post Jay.... hope your able to get out soon. The cars are insane! Very cool.

Sounds like a new addition to the family is on the way, awesome!

Take care,


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