Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some New Additions

When I take the cameras out I usually end up ripping off about 2-4 gigs of photos. I shoot all of my stuff in RAW format. Here are a few more of my favorites from this past week. I hope you enjoy the photos.


The Larsen Fam said...

Awesome pics! Makes me wanna be Flyfishing....
I've never shot in RAW before - maybe I should try?!

JayMorr said...

I shoot everything in RAW now. It is not as important when sharing photos out on the web. RAW format is a must for large media files and when doing any kind of printing. It captures more data in the photograph and this can later be used to tweak and image or make minor edits or changes to the photograph.

Because I am printing more of my stuff now I do not take the risks of shooting in a lower resolution or format. :)

Thanks for stopping by! The blog looks good. Keep up the great work!


David Edwards said...

Jay... the clarity in those images is amazing as usual... puts me to shame! Regards David


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