Sunday, May 10, 2009

Photo Correction

Every now and then I get photos from people asking for my help with doing photo correction.  I thought I would share some before and after shots on a little project I just got done doing.   The main areas of correction were exposure, and detail.  I painted in some color at the end.



You can see from the above image that the clouds are dull, the trees in the background are muted and the photo is very under exposed.



Another take with Black & White:


I liked both effects.  This photo now pops and is something that can printed and shared on a wall!


MIKE said...

Nice work Jay. My original thought when seeing only the original image was "why is that guy walking with his arm up like that. When I saw the after photo, i realized he was casting....and that explains his arm position. Nice work!

Amb said...

Way cool!! Photo looks much better!


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