Sunday, May 31, 2009

My “Grip & Grin”

Snake River Cutthroat

This weekend I had a chance to get away and head up North. It was a much needed trip and my wife Lezlie was able to join me. With being sick and a little down, time relaxing and throwing a few casts is just what the Dr. ordered!

Our accommodations were top notch and the company was great. Board games and Texas Hold Em’ kept me occupied when I was not out stalking fish.

I took most of the photos. As most of you know I am not much of a “Grip & Grin” kind of guy when it comes to landing fish. However, on this trip I managed to land a fish of a lifetime. I have caught some beautiful trout over the years and I have never been one to hunt down the “Big One”. It just has not been a priority or desire. I am happy and content sticking fish of any size. I probably even do less of it now that the camera is in my hands.

I stalked a couple of large fish for a few hours and I was definitely rewarded with patience and presentation. I thought for sure I would botch my chances on hooking up with a large Bow that was working a riffle. I made three casts. Each cast without a take I switched flies. My third presentation was a small streamer and on the second strip I was hooked up and on for the joy ride of my life. My wife Lezlie photographed the event and here are a couple of my “Grip & Grins”.

I hope you enjoy the photography. I will post some additional stuff when I get some time. I also want to thank Blake for being there with his camera and snapping of some additional photos.


Here some of the other beautiful fish landed over the weekend…


Tiger Trout


Craig said...

Great pictures as usual Jay!

I'm dying to know where exactly "north" is!


MIKE said...

Jay that's an awesome fish. Huge fish for that size water!

Unfortunately, based on just the few inches of face I see in the first shot, I'm going to have to say "it doesn't look like you" and therefore save my excitement for the guy who really caught the fish! Give him a "congratulations" for me!!!

Brett Colvin said...

It looks like your trip bore pigfruit Jay. I'm glad to hear you got out and are putting the SARS mask behind you.

mike doughty said...

wow jay..... those are some stellar fish

jabberwock said...

nice pig jay!

BG said...

Stellar shots man!

AND....What a pig! Congrats man, you deserve it! A good recovery token ; )


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