Sunday, July 6, 2008

Frog On The Fly

Cheech: Dude, i'm fish'n friday & saturday. U have a green light.

JayMorr: I'm in!

Cheech: WORD.

So when the text came in, it was a go. 6:00am sharp and the bull frog's were poppin'. A cast to the bank and Kermit was on! Maybe he didn't like the impersonation of the froggy I was throwing?

It didn't take long for the water to explode. Bass were chasin' frogs and the action was HOT! Cheech was crankin his retreives fast and it was almost dejavu from a few weeks past out on the pond. I was shaking my head and hard on myself for leaving the camera bag sitting on the table. I did have my back up - my phone. I busted out the LG Voyager and started snappin'.

The cool morning turned into a hot afternoon and the fishing slowed down a bit as the sun pounded us with it's scortching rays. I started huckin the spin cast and managed to pull a few from the shadows. Cheech has a sweet little setup and switching between fly rod to spin casting was the ticket.

This trip go's down as another great one. I have enjoyed fishing with Cheech. It's all about having a great time and it's refreshing to get out on the water and stick some large mouth. And the Kravers afterwards was filling. Remind me to take a snapshop of the food next time.


PS. Sorry Kermit.



cheech said...

Sweet post dude. Fun times and Kravers. Every Saturday should be like that.

BG said...

Looks like a killer trip... gotta love the bass and the frog on a fly ; )

And what's up with the camrea phone... dude, you not supposed to make those pics look better than a guy with an DSLR! Great work Jay!

JayMorr said...

Thanks for the comments fella's. I could handle horsing huge large mouths into the boat each Saturday! Thanks again Cheech.

Yeah the camera phone was a nice back up. The LG Voyager phone has a 3mega pixel so I was able to get somewhat of a shot. I really did not have to clean them up to much. I added some fun skin tones and what not to them but the clarity is pretty much as is. It is a good thing because there is only so much you can do with a "unsharpmask" in CS3.
I appreciate all of your comments! We need to fish again and soon!


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