Monday, July 21, 2008

Blast From The Past - Fly Fishing Art

The kitchen/upstairs remodel has had me going through some of my favorite images so that I can hang some new art peices in my new library room. Before I had my DSLR and a lens collection, I was shooting on a old 3 mega-pixel HP digi camera. While it was ok for its time, photos would often come out grainy. I have been spending more time post processing some of these older images and I am pleased that they could be cleaned up so I could frame a few. The image to the left was taken a few years ago while Jason Haslem and I were fishing the Green River. We took turns casting and hooking up some beautiful rainbows. I always thought that a the fish would look good as a painting framed. I have also fallen in love with Black & White IR photography. Although many of my images have not been captured using a true IR filter or camera conversion, I have spent countless hours trying to find and capture an IR style that would show through in some of my post process work. I hope you enjoy a few of the peices that have been completed.


The Larsen Fam said...

Here's a shout out to JayMorr - I love the landscape shot! AWESOME! Great shots!
Amb Larsen

JayMorr said...


Thanks for stopping by and for the shout ;) I really appreciate your comments.

Tell your hubby that we should hit some water sometime. Although I do not believe we have met, I can tell he shares the same passion.

Take care,

The Larsen Fam said...

I'll definitely let my hubby know ;) - he's still in the rookie stage, but he has so much passion for it.

Thanks for letting us "stop by"!

jabberwock said...

I really like the B&W shot of the dam. I need to buy a digital SLR and learn how to shoot pictures one of these days. Your shots are really getting quite good.



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