Sunday, December 27, 2009

Griffin Mongoose On Ice

Spent the last couple of days shooting product with Brett Colvin.  I witnessed some incredible skillz as Brett captured the Nautilus on Ice.  If you have not seen his fly reel product gallery, be sure to check it out on his flickr page:

His product work is fantastic!  My Favorite shot of Brett’s series:



I have learned a lot these last few days.  Having the right conditions has turned me into what Colvin calls a “Light Snob”.  The natural light favored us this past week.  We shot waterfowl in the afternoons and the “Hoodies” (Hooded Drake Merganzer) eluded us.  I just could not pull off any good shots with them being out of reach and skittish. 

I was happy to shoot the Griffin Mongoose On Ice.  I hope you enjoy the unique look. 

Griffin Mongoose

 Mongoose On Ice

 JAY_8582 I have a few additonal items that I will share shortly. The Christmas break has been a lot of fun!


Brett Colvin said...

The textures and detail on this stuff is insane. Excellent work.

Alex Landeen said...

Beyond words.... Great job gentlemen!

MIKE said...

I love the shot of the fly! They are all nice, but the fly is my favorite.

Capt. Kenny Smith said...

Good stuff, by both. The detail is insane. Thanks for sharing.

Nathan Ira said...

That stimi shot is redonculous. Nice as always!


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