Thursday, December 10, 2009

The “B Files” – JayMorr Fly Fishing 2009

Every Photog has them.  Those photographs that you are not to sure about and so you tuck them away on the hard drive.  With year end approaching I take the opportunity to reflect upon the year. I examine my work, I ponder what I have learned and I critique myself harder then anyone else would.  I have been fortunate to have had many opportunities this year enabling me to improve as a photographer.  I have botched shots, laughed at myself, been discouraged many times, and listened to those I look up to.  2009 has been awesome.  I have had a lot of fun. 

This set of photographs are some of the ones I did not share from the past trips.  They are the “B Files”, and reminders of missed opportunities.  This is my part 1 of the unseen.

“The Boulders”, the line was drawn, nothing would be the same…


 release_brooketrout_jaymorr JAY_5558




MILO said...

After looking over these pics a few times there is one thing i notice.....Even your " B Files " are bad ass !!! Nice shots man.

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Another fantastic set of images Jay.Have a fantastic Xmas with family mate.

Hansy said...

Just lovin the photos...gorgeous colours and masterful compositions...really cool!

Cheers for the inspiration..



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