Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The “B” Photographs Part II

A few more photographs that went unseen this year.  I was not sure about a few of them.  The first shot features Brett Colvins truck.  When I first saw his fishing rig I couldn’t help but name it the “Trout Snatcher”.  The name has stuck ever since.  The Otter trip early in the year was one of the first fishing trips I photographed with Brett Colvin.  It was a fun trip.  I was going through a heavy HDR and over saturated post phase ;)  I couldn’t bare the over saturated colors even in this photo so I toned it down a bit for this post. 



These next two photos were taken on the Henry’s.  I had a nice chance to capture some Caddis on the lens but failed miserably with the lack of a good macro lens.  It has been my goal in 2010 to step my “Folio” up in the macro department.  I have had many missed opportunities on the water to capture various bugs and hatches because I have never been happy with my results.  I blame some of that on equipment.  Now that I am rockin a macro lens I am more excited about scale, fins, and hatch shots.



Osborn bridge.  I am not sure about the story behind the wagon but it just felt out of place.



Brett Colvin said...

That last photo w/ the trailer cute could not have been composed any better Jay. I've looked at that shot several times now, and there isn't a single thing out of place. Hard to believe that's in your B-list.

Capt. Kenny Smith said...

Good stuff, Jay. I, too, am trying the HDR thing. Yours looks well done and certainly not over-done.
Keep up the good work.


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