Sunday, November 22, 2009

Waterfowl Photography Continued

The weekend has been filled with excellent opportunities to add more waterfowl to the portfolio. Colvin and I were pretty excited about the luck we have had over the past couple of weeks. Things really panned out. With waterfowl on the agenda, I took a moment to capture an American Tree Sparrow that was hopping around in some underbrush. I love the DoF on these shots.

It has been a great experience shooting this past month. I feel like I hone in on various skills each time I am out. I have appreciated the comments on my recent work. The feedback has been awesome. It is very difficult to capture these birds in flight and being able to share them with you is fun! Be sure to check out the other half at

JAY_5828 JAY_5851 JAY_5909 JAY_5910 JAY_5913 JAY_5972 JAY_5978 JAY_5970


TheReadFam said...

WOW!!! Seriously! This is better then National Geographic. You should send them your portfolio.

Brett Colvin said...

The goose with the neck band is impressive Jay, excellent sharpness. You tagged some nice mallard shots too. Any white lens remorse???

almasmith said...

Sick as always man. Love the sparrow shots.


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