Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Southwest Fly Fishing Magazine -Utah Exposure

Here is more of an inside look at the Utah Exposure piece featuring some of my photography.

SWFF Table of Contents Nov/Dec 09

Southwest Fly FIshing Magazine Nov/Dec 2009

Southwest Fly FIshing Magazine Nov/Dec 2009

Congrats to the following fly fishers featured in the photo set:
Brett Colvin
Jason Haslam
Travis Ruiz
Danita Ritter
Brent Stout


MILO said...

Congrats Jay on the spot. always bringin the killer pics. CHEERS KK

BG said...

Congrats jay!

Anonymous said...

Amazing pics! What lake is that shown on Page 16 with the caption "The mountains of southern Utah provide solitude and impressive scenery"?


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