Sunday, February 8, 2009

Up Close & Personal - Bald Eagles Day 2

"Hunting For His Majesty, I Am Struck By A Wave Of Humility, And I Witness Freedom!" ~jaymorr

Brett was already staking out a spot on the water-front and dialing in on some geese before I arrived. It was early morning and if today was going to be anything like yesterday, we were in for a real treat.

It was much colder and my cheeks could feel the sun from our first outing. It was cloudy and cold. But as we waited patiently in the morning our first set of "Baldies" made a pass. The cameras were in canon mode and rapid fire shutter clicks....
"Click, Click, Click, Click, Click, Click, Click...........".



Excitement and drenaline set in, I got the shots, I nailed the shots! Brett and I had a quick 20 seconds to scroll through the viewfinders to see the rewards and congratulate each other on our pics before another set of eagles bombed in. Those three passes proved to be the shots of the day as the clouds continued to get thicker. The lighting was difficult to shoot in and the birds became less active, moving farther out on the ice line. But it felt good. There is just something about it when I know I got the shot, it feels awesome. I was on a high.



It was awesome spending another day with Brett. He has some amazing shots from today and I am always appreciative for his insights and experience behind the lens. Again check it out at Fly To Water. Good stuff!

I am looking forward to day 3 out on the bay capturing the "Master Fishers" in flight!




Brett said...

That is some sick stuff Jay, you nailed those passes. Love it.

David Edwards said...

You know those have to be the absolute best... I find myself using the word "awesome" yet again when I visit your site!


Chris Harris said...

Spectacular Jay! These are truly some amazing shots of Americas true symbol of freedom!


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