Monday, October 20, 2008

Part II - Henry's & Floating Box Canyon

We fished Henry's lake for a couple hours and continued to stick fish. It was hard to leave but we wanted to hit "Box" and float the toonz. The canyon was beautiful, and the fall colors really made it an incredible float. It didn't take long for "Norm" to start laying into some nice trout. I kicked off to the side to watch him land a few on a small nymph. I wasn't about to break out the nymph box and my shoulder was literally soar from sticking 2ft long trout earlier in the day.

Bob made some beautiful casts down stream as the sun caught the canyon wall and reflected down upon the water. I snapped more photos and once again began my drift.

We had "Box Canyon" all to ourselves. It was a beautiful day and I am grateful I took the time to notice....

After a dutch oven potatoe dinner and stories from around the pit, the remaining still awake heard the howls from the distant Coyotes. Jason gave a worthy effort with his best Coyote calls but it was obvious he put them all down. Turning into bed we had Henry's Lake again on the agenda for our Sunday morning.

The rest of the crew bounced and got an early start on the roadie back home, meanwhile Jason, Stout and myself headed down to the south shore and planned our attack. We were serious and it was the first time in a very long time that I beat everyone on the water making the first casts on a calm sunny morning....the water was glass.

We all kicked out and it didn't take more than 5 minutes to start hooking up. We had double hook up's and each cast was met with ferocious takes. You see we had Henry's on LOCKDOWN, we were catchin 2-foot Pigs and making it look eazzzzy. Checking my sides I could see some other "tooners" creepin' and the trollers began to come in like sharks. The three of us were stickin some big fish and before long people began to ask....

The frustration on faces were met with our grins of excitment as we posted up on a near invisible weed line a couple of feet below the surface. The retreives were dialed in and the takes were most often on the pause or drop. Bruisers, and after each one was released I was checking my knots. I don't think I ever remember a time or trip that had me consitently checking my knots after each hook up to make sure things were still in tact. We landed several fish in the 8-9lb range and we were paying the price while trying to retreive our flies from the jaws. Cut up, my fingers were tatted with bite marks, leaving me with trophies of admiration for such a pristine place and Trout that were truly holy!

On the kick back to the car I passed on the fly and technique to a young guy from Boise ID. Looking back I could see his rod doubled over and I felt all fuzzy....

"JayMorr Will You Blog Me?", "Hell Yeah Son, I'll Make Ya Famous..."

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RnF said...

Nice trout, looks like an awesome trip.


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