Monday, October 20, 2008

"Hey JayMorr, Will You Blog Me?" - Idaho Part 1

Friday could not have come any slower than it did and I was itch'n to hit the road North. The boat was strapped to the Malibu Maxx and the trunk was overloaded with fly fishing gear.

I cracked open a "Forty" of NOS and bounced to the hood-hop. I was making good time. The phone rang just outside of Idaho Falls and it was Jason and the "Cool Kid Crew" letting me know it was on. "Hang on a sec Jay, I think I got one.", moments later and with some jumbling of the phone Jason was back online to confirm I was on the road and in route to the cabin.

My mind wanders and I ponder everything from the past week's events to when I was a little kid on a flounder boat with my Dad off Long Island, NY. Heading into Island Park the skyline was filled with purple, crimson and eventually turning into an orange as the sun began to set.

After a few wrong turns, the guys met me at the cabin turn off and I followed them up to Bob's. The outside fire pit was going, Filet Mignon was cooking and laughter filled the conversation. Bob's place is a sweet little gem on the South Shore of Henry's Lake. His hospitality was top notch and the views from his deck upstairs are incredible.

In the morning we crashed Henry's Lake where the fishing was fast and furious. I focused on the shotz and everyone was hookin up. The scenery was awesome, filled with oranges and yellows and the Autumn air was warm for this time of year.

Part II.... coming shortly!


jabberwock said...

I love the shot of the fish coming right at you with his head out of the water. Kind of has the Jaws/Great White look to it ;)


Alan said...

Next time you bitches better take us along. ;)

David Edwards said...

Jay, fantastic shots as usual! You make me deeply envious with all that great scenery and virgin water to fish... "thou shalt not covet" darn it you have me sinning again just looking at your site...

By the way do you guys have many Northern Pike in your neck of the woods??




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