Friday, October 24, 2008

JayMorr Photography "NFR"

I just got done launching a new blog - JayMorr Photography. While I wish at times I had the money and time to fly fish whenever I pleased, reality reminds me that I have a family and a career (no it is not fly fishing related). When I am not behind the vise or out on a small mountain stream or lake, I am usually trying to hold down the homefront while keeping my sanity. Honestly, I probably wouldn't have it any other way and I have no regrets when it comes to the path I have chosen.

I love to fly fish. I hope you have been able to see that through my lens and writing. My blog on the "other" side will capture the moments that are "NFR" (non - flyfishing related). I welcome you to visit and experience my other interests as I continue to write and shoot ....


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