Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Photo Correction

This week I have enjoyed recieving photos from several friends with the intent of doing some photo correction. Using CS3 I have gone in and made edits to the original prints. Below are some of the samples. Curve adjustment for both contrast and light, a small sharpen and a tone filter were used.

Al Beatty ( sent over a photo of some flies that he has been shooting for a current book project with Dave Whitlock. Minor adjustments were made to bring out the background color and enhance the detail of the beautifully tied flies.

Another example includes using a black background.

Lynn Scott with BS Flies ( shot over a wonderful shot of an old house. I enjoyed playing with this photo immensley. It had a great feel and I wanted to capitalize on the age of the home by adding some age to the photo.

Nick Jones with Rainy's Flies ( sent me some recent shots taken of his new line of nymphs that will be featured this coming year with Rainy's. The photos were taken with a point and shoot Canon Powershot. I played around with the exposure and did some minor corrections with the sharpness. The colors used in these flies are spectacular. Although the changes are minor, the enhanced photo displays more color and depth.

I want to thank Al, Lynn and Nick for letting me display their photos and using them as examples.


OzarkAngler said...

That's some pretty impressive photo work. But I doubt you could fix mine. LOL

BG said...

Great work Jay! I really need to learn how to do that.

As always, I enjoy your Blog.



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