Thursday, October 22, 2009

Product Shots – JayMorr Fly Fishing

I took a few rod shots while out on the water today.  I also spent some time working with multiple exposures.  Let me know your thoughts…

JAY_1528-2 JAY_1458 JAY_1555


Nick said...

sweet shots... how'd you do this last one? I like that effect

TheReadFam said...

love that last shot. How do you do that?

JayMorr said...

Thanks for the feedback. I take all of my multiple exposure shots in Camera. I do this on the Nikon D700 using a camera setting called Multiple Exposure.

It has taken me some time to nail it down but the setting lets me take multiple shots and combine them into one.

I hope that helps. I will be sharing more of these types of shots soon ;)


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