Friday, June 20, 2008

JayMorr Got An Upgrade!

Over the past year I took my photography more seriously and I upgraded from several nice point and shoot digital cameras to the Canon XTi. Since moving to Digital SLR I have been a constant student of photography and learning all that I can from anyone in the industry. Most of my learning has come from several individuals over the web who have taken the time to critique my photographs and help me improve on technique and photo composition. I have been spending countless hours as both a lurker and forum poster on several photography websites. I have learned so much, yet I find it exciting and amazing how much I improve each month behind the lens.

This week I picked up my new camera body. The Canon 40D. I debated over and over if I should go with the Canon 5D and get a full frame camera or even if I should convert over to Nikon and pick up the D300 series. With a budget in mind and the thought of $$$ signs from losing my current lens line up, I made my decision on the 40D.

Shooting on a Canon XTi has been awesome. I love my camera. I am confident with the controls, the LCD format and when I learn something new I eat it up! With the 40D there will be a learning curve, the format has changed and the added control is going to give me the boost I have been waiting for in my photography. Over the next few weeks I will try and post some results taken from the new camera. I am anxious to get it out in the field for some birding shots and of course capture some fly fishing moments for some upcoming article assignments that I am currently working on.

I thought I would mention that I am working on getting a price sheet put together on my prints. I have been contacted by many of you who have expressed interest on purchasing some of my photos. I will be completing this task shortly and will make them available on I appreciate all of your comments and experessed interest. It means a lot.

If any of you are wondering what I will be doing with my XTi body, I have thought about converting it over to Infra Red. Having the conversion done will both speed up the shots and allow a better setup with not having to use a filter. I am very interested and excited to get more involved with IR photography and I think the XTi could be a great back up camera for this type of shooting.



Jake said...

Nice pick. I have been using the 30d and I love it. What lenses do you have for it?

JayMorr said...

Hey Jake. Thanks for your comments. The 30D is a really nice camera. I am enjoying the new 40D and can't put it down ;)

My lens kit consists of a Tokina Pro ATX 80-400 AF lens f4.5-5.6DX (I mainly use this for birding and sports), Canon f1.4 50mm USM (Portrait Lens), Canon EF 90-300mm f/4.5-5.6 USM (back up lens. I do not use it to much), Canon 28-80mm Kit lens (Rebel XTi Kit Lens), and a couple other misc lens. I find myself always using the Tokina or the Canon 50mm. I would love to get a 200 or even 400mm Canon L series when I can afford them.

Kelly said...

Hey Jay. Congrats on the new body, I know you have been wanting one for a while. You have such a good eye for pictures that you could simply carry around a Kodak disposable and still get some sweet pics. I am excited to see what will come about with the 40d.

JayMorr said...

Thanks Kelly. I appreciate your comments! I hope all is well.

The 40D has been a lot of fun.


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