Monday, June 9, 2008

Bass Hunter

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When I got the phone call from Cheech to fish the pond, I had no idea what layed ahead. I was told two things:

1. Bring your eight weight.
2. You will catch the biggest bass of your life, guaranteed!

The biggest bass of my life? NO WAY! The weather was "iffy" and the chance of rain and wind was the forcast. I hoped for cloud cover and no rain, my Canon Xti does not have a weather seal on the camera body. I packed hoping for the best. Cheech and I loaded up his vessel. It is a boat that has seen its share of trips. The battle wounds show through the camo paint job and the painted jaws share a story of good fish karma. I was amazed at the size of the pond. It had to be over 150 acres of fishable water and it didn't take long for both of us to get in the hunt and stick some large fish. I had seen some pics from both Stout and others who have had the privs to hit the coveted water front properties. The decks and tiny motes that protrude out into the community water offer prime lies for large bass. And today large mouth was on the menu. Both Cheech and I worked the banks, pounding weedlines and structures. Cloudy, I decided to throw on the popper frog that cheech had tied up. "WHAM", out of nowhere I missed the hook-set on the biggest large mouth I had ever seen. Cheech continued to laugh as I missed the next two on top. He was hooking big fish and had a nice set up with the breenish senko. I ended up trying a few out on the fly rod and had a nice technique with an under arm side cast on the fly rod. My first bass of the day and it came in over three pounds. We were bustin large mouths all day long and with the sun shining through mid day the fishing got incredible. We joked around about the word "EPIC", epic has nothing on this was better and we got the glam shots to back it up. The pond was on lockdown and fishies feared the Bass Hunter. be continued (in a few hours )!


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