Thursday, May 8, 2008

JayMorr Photography Launched

I have been working like mad to get my new photography site up and running It has been a lot of work over the past few weeks. Many of my recent photos have yet to be uploaded and so many of the photos that are already up on the site have been place holders for the things I have been currently working on. I recently purchased a new portrait lens and I am looking forward to getting it out on the water for some new fly fishing shots. With all the bugs starting to come out, I will be busy with macros. I have also been playing around with "Reverse Macro" and hope to have some of my new photos out shortly. I will be getting around to pulling the "Gigs" of photos off my memory card this next couple of weeks. Be sure to check out the site.

I am under going a full kitchen remodel, and between soccer, and baseball with the kids, it has been difficult to put in all the time I want at night. I have been tired. I have actually been going to bed at a decent hour the past week or so and it is nice to catch up on rest. Fly fishing with the kids is a priority now and with the warmer weather and the kids winding down in school it will not be long before we have them sticking fish at the local pond or hitting the small mountain streams that we love to fish. I enjoy getting the kids out and having them cast. It is so much fun. Last summer was crazy with our huge landscaping project I felt bad that the kids did not have a yard and had to withstand the mud hole. I hope you all enjoy the new photos. I look forward to your comments and hope to get out and fish!


Cutthroat Stalker said...

Nice gallery set-up. Great pix. Love the B&Ws. Do you use a b&w setting on the camera, or just compose/expose for b&w then post-process in Photoshop?

btw Love the dog in the grass - what breed?

Nate&Sarah said...

Hi Jas!

Wondering if you can take my families photos sometime soon! Love the website!

Nate Dorsey


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