Monday, February 25, 2008

Ophir Weekend

Nick and Stef started the tradition a couple years ago of having the fams up to their cabin in Ophir canyon. Ophir is a small town full of history. Once a miners town, the remains of the jail, post office and other cool buildings can be toured and viewed. The canyon is one of the prettiest I have ever been up and my family looks forward to the annual trip.

Guys huddle around the table and tie flies and share some of the new patterns that are being worked on for the new season. The kids are content playing in the indoor tree house, finding pirate treasure, or pretending to be elite special forces. The ladies seemed content jamming out to Guitar Hero.

This year I had my Canon with me unlike the previous years where I just had a point and shoot. My goal was to capture some new birds on the digi, grab some shots of the canyon and of the old buildings. I only managed to capture a couple shots and it was SUPER COLD!

Nick is a damn good chef, but as Stef would say, "Don't tell him the food is to good or it will go to his head!". Nick starts off by mixing up a special marinade from scratch. The Camp Chef smoker cooks the meat to perfection, carmelizing the chicken. Every year I tell myself that I will go out and buy a Camp Chef smoker and start cooking my meat the same way.

Stef is the coolest! My kids love her and they appreciate the stories she reads. To my kids Stef and the cabin are legendary and it is talked about for months.

I enjoy the company of good people and spending time with the families that come up to Ophir each year. Fish stories are shared, fly patterns are discussed, and an ass whooping gets laid on the ping-pong table! I am already looking forward to the next trip and enjoying time spent with good people.


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