Friday, February 29, 2008

Birds of Prey On My Bday!

I took the day off to capture some birds on the digi. I had planned to go fishing but there is a short window of opportunity to capture Bald Eagles out in the bay. Bald Eagles make their migratory stop in Utah during the winter months. Capturing birds in motion is humbling. I have learned a lot over the past few months. I spent the day talking to other photographers and I had a chance to peek through some new glass. I wish I had 5k to drop right now but it will be some time before I can afford the stuff that the big boys break out for the magazine covers. I came across a group of Bald Eagles that were a ways out nesting in a fairly large tree. At 400mm my lens was able to capture a few photos but still did not have the desirable distance I would have liked to really get some up close shots. Looking at those birds was incredible.

Eagles are majestic, it was and incredible experience to see them in the wild and capture a few photos.

I hope you enjoy!


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Wildnative said...

I love those shots. Birds of prey are so cool. Now your goal should be to go with me and take some shots of coyotes. I call them in and you photograph them.


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