Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Green River Brown Trout

This time of year in Utah is my favorite.  The Fall season creeps in and the leaves begin to change.  Brown trout are taking large terrestrials off the surface and fattening up for the cold winter that lies ahead.  

Beautiful trout are brought to hand and the colors near match the wooden drift boat.  I enjoyed time well spent on the stix rowing Layne and Norm.  Towards the end of the day I got a chance to huck and pick up a few fish on baetis.  I feel refreshed!  Life is good.

Trout Reflections

Green River Brown


dmnaz1 said...

Well done. The colors on the browns are spectacular.

Layne said...

Sweet J. It was a nice day for sure. Do you have other pics of the day somewhere? Thanks

Layne said...

Nice... J - it was a nice day for sure. Thanks. Have you posted other pics of the day? --- L

Ryan said...

Man you take great pics. Is that the work of the camera or do you edit them? Either way great work! Those are some golden brown trout.

The Average Joe Fisherman

JayMorr said...

Thanks fellas. Yeah Layne, I did not get much on this trip. Only took maybe 10 shots with the camera acting up on that battery grip I was using. I have some things planned for you next month up on the HF! No worries.


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