Friday, February 5, 2010

Back To The Green River

Favorite shot of the trip…  Trav


Beautiful Trout



Dry Fly Fishing


The Weather



MIKE said...

I always write the same thing "great shots Jay" or "wonderful work" or something else like that. It almost gets predictable...

So, to mix it up, how about a simple recipe for salsa. It comes from a friend, but my wife makes it frequently and it's great on ANYTHING!

Simply chop up tomatoes, sprinkle salt over the top, add in diced onions, add cilantro, and squeeze in about 1/2 a lime. mix, eat, enjoy!

...oh, and great shots jay!!!

JayMorr said...

Hahaha to funny Mike. I am going to make that Salsita tonight!


MIKE said...

So, it's past "tonight", did you try it? How did you like it?


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