Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some Older Shots Revisited

As I was working on an assignment this past week I started to think about all the fishing trips I have done with the kids. I plucked a couple of photos from the archives and reworked them a bit.

Hopefully "Rockstar-Caddis" approves (aka. Clint Goodman). These shots were taken a couple years ago when I bought my first drift boat and we had the Sliderite out on the pond. The sunset was just awesome.

Kids With Rockstar-Caddis

To this day Raegan still talks about this fish we caught out of the driftboat.

Sunset Hook Up - Ben Morrison


Jake said...

Great photos,

This assignment, where are you taking classes at? Im interested in taking some photoclasses too.

JayMorr said...

Hello Jake. My various assignments consist of shooting/writing for some upcoming issues of various magazines.

There are some wonderful Photo classes being held around the state by different affiliations. You should look into some of them through the local Utah Photography clubs. Pictureline in SLC holds classes as well.

michael T. said...

outstanding pics! as a new b to photography its great to observe blogs like yours for inspiration. keep up the amazing work.

JayMorr said...

Thanks Michael. I appreciate the kind words.

Hopefully you will be able to get out this weekend over the holiday and stick some fish!

Take care,


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