Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trout Hunter – The Ranch



I always enjoy fishing “The Fork”.  I am not an HF expert and I do not fish it nearly enough.  I just love the scenery, the river, and the challenge.  There is something mystical about the Henry’s Fork and I always come away improving in certain areas of the game. 

Some of the highlights for me on this trip were the beautiful casts made by Colby on the Madison.  I sat on a grassy bank with the camera and soaked it all up. 

The Ranch was beautiful, the weather was not cooperative, and the evening hatches were light.  It didn’t matter.  The fish that we caught were beautiful and the 12inch fishies still put up valiant fights.

I grabbed a five bracketed sequence of Jason stalking some risers and I ended my night with a horizon shot of Colby casting.  The rain added soul to the shot and I am excited with the results.

Several of the shots taken on this trip are pending publishing.  I will be able to share them with you soon.  However, I hope you enjoy the couple that I have linked.








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Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Given you a little write up on my blog Jay.More people need to see your work mate.

MIKE said...

I love the second shot! your work is great! Someday when I'm rich, I'm coming out to your state and you're taking me fishing. You've been warned. Lucky for you, it could be 10's or 100's of years before I'm that rich.

Keep fishing, keep shooting!

Brett Colvin said...

You haven't even looked back with a wistful eye on the WHITE lens days! The dark side is treating you well. Sweet 'scapes man.

JayMorr said...

I appreciate all the feedback guys. Thank you for your comments. Thanks for the write up and you guys know if you ever come out this way.....IT'Z ON!

Amb said...

Incredible - as always! LOVE LOVE the new shots! I'm going to Jackson next week. Can't wait to take pics of the snake and Madison!I gave you a shout out on my blog and facebook and so did the hubby! We love ya! You're one in a million! Thanks Mr. Morr! ;)

ps. LOVE the editing you did on my shot. You made it look incredible. I couldn't believe I took it! ha ha!

Big Hoss said...

I can't take it anymore. I need to have a lesson from you on how you take such unbelievable pictures.

BG said...

gangsta! good to see your getting out and about after the hospital deal-o!

Troutdawg said...

Great blog I just found and sweet pics! Stay away from my blog, my pictures aren't worthy of this at all!


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