Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Arrival!

It has now been just a little over a week that my wife Lezlie and I celebrated the birth of our daughter Romney Faith. She has been so much fun and is such a blessing to our family. Our kids Ben, Raegan, Brig, have all shared in the excitement! They have each been a big help at home as we get settled in and Lezlie continues to recoup. We could not have planned it better to have four beautiful children. Two boys and two girls. It always amazes me to see how fast they grow. I just want to publically thank my Father-in-Heaven for all of his blessings and for allowing us to be parents.
As you are probably aware I have not hit the water in almost three weeks and I am now due to get back out and huck some line during this great time of year. I love the fall weather and all that it brings. The fishing is at it's finest and the mountainside explodes with color. I will be sure to get some photos shortly. I plan to head up North in the next couple of weeks. I have also been very busy shooting portraits this time of year. If any of you are interested in fall photos please let me know or contact me through http://www.jaymorrphotography.com/


David Edwards said...

Just like to send congratulations from here in England to you and your family on the arrival of Romney... great news indeed!!



PS the pike are biting hard here!!

The Larsen Fam said...

Congrats to you and your family. She is so beautiful and I love her name! We wish you all the best.

Amb Larsen

Jessica said...

She's beautiful!! I can't wait to see her next month!! Love you guys!
Congrats Congrats!!!!!


Congratualtions! Jaymorr
What a cute baby and cute photos! Congratulations!!

BG said...

Congrats on the new addition, great catch!

RnF said...



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