Thursday, January 3, 2008

Winter Stick

Man is it FREEZING! The cold weather has me indoors tying flies and keeping warm. As of late, all this talk of "Rockstars" has me jammin out in my front living room. My kids are true head bangers and have managed to get quite far on Guitar Hero3.

My coworker Nick Dobson is always taking things a part and making cool stuff. McGyver has nothing on this kid. I came to him with an idea and it was no easy task... build a custom GH3 stick!
Nick and I immediately started searching our local classifieds for a cool looking guitar. What we found was the Paul Stanley Apocalypse Electric Guitar brand new for $80 bones! I mean c'mon $80 bones for a brand new KISS Apocalyspe???
Immediately we purchased the guitar and Nick worked his magic. We stripped off the pick-up's hollowed out part of the body and Nick went through quite a few carbide bits on the dremel carving out the neck! After installing a custom pick guard and painting the controls jet black, the custom inlay turned out pretty nice! This little baby has the family rockin out to Poison, Kill Switch, and Pearl if we could just beat the devil!

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OzarkAngler said...

That is just freaking awesome, J-man! What a great idea. Did you give that to them for Xmas?


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